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Hunter's Moon and SuperMoon on 15th October 2016 0

The Hunter’s Moon

This is an image I took last night of the Hunter’s moon which is also a Supermoon! I’ve uploaded the large version so click this image to see it (you maybe have to click...

An image of the moon taken on the 22nd August 2016 as imaged through my c9.25 telescope with a Canon 70D. 2

A Lunar Study

With the telescope already setup I decided to do a lunar study. It had been a while since I had last done this and I wanted to try some high resolution close up images....

Mars dust storm 2001 0

Dust storms on Mars

Dust storms on Mars will come as no surprise to those who watched or read of Mark Watney getting stranded on Mars in ‘The Martian’. While in the movie the dust storm was a...