Moms +SocialGood 2015: Be the change

What kind of world do you want for your family in 2030? This was the question asked at the annual Moms +SocialGood conference held in the New York Times Center. The morning and afternoon sessions touched on topics ranging from issues of child development in poverty, safety for women across the world in childbirth, how to ensure healthy brain development of your child, pre-mature births, mothers in public power, global issues and much more. If you missed the live streaming don’t worry, both sessions are available online and I’ve provided a time guide to help! I highly recommend having a watch, listening to the issues raised and most importantly spreading the message.

Our love for our children motives us

A child led by her mother.

A child led by her mother. Credit: CDC/Amanda Mills

Mothers and fathers are passionate about their children, specifically in wanting the very best for them. I’m not talking here about wanting the best materialistically by giving them everything they want, no that’s a shallow and distorted view of what is best for children. Rather I’m talking about wanting to see them grow to reach their highest potential and live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives alongside others. What parent doesn’t want this for their children? So let’s be the change and help empower others to make a difference. I hope you enjoy the conference, feel free to use the time guide to dip in and out of the sessions if you can’t watch it all at once. I hope it inspires you to be the difference where you are and in the ways that you can.

Moms +SocialGood 2015 morning session


0Aaron Sherinian (United Nations Foundation)Intro: Power of Moms and creating a better future
0.01 Rick Parnell (United Nations Foundation)Intro and thanks
0.03Karen Licitra (J&J)Intro and thanks
0.10Carolyn Miles (Save the Children)Child poverty
0.14Jennifer Garner (Actress)Child poverty
0.24Toyin Saraki (Wellbeing Foundation) and Nana Kuo (Every Women Every Child)Women and children's health
0.44Anne Geddes (World-renowned Photographer)Premature birth and effect of meningitis
1:02Dana Points (Parents Magazine), Dr Pamela Shaw (AAP), Jackie Bezos (BFF) and Tara Glasgow (J&J)Building your babies' brains
1:23Michael Sneed (Vice President GCA J&J)Thanks and introduction
1:26Samantha Power (U.S. Ambassador to U.N) and Connie Britton (Actress)Balancing her busy life and communicating with her son
1:44Jaha Dukureh (Safe Hands for Girls)Female genital mutilation

These are some quotes from the morning session to help spread the message and start conversations.

All kids are born ready to learn but not all are given the same opportunities to learn. Jennifer Garner #GlobalMoms Click To Tweet 85% of your child's brain is wired by age 3 - start building. Dr Pamela Shaw #GlobalMoms Click To Tweet You already have all it takes. Shout out to mothers. vroom #GlobalMoms Click To Tweet 3 million girls are still subjected to genital mutilation per year. This must stop. Jaha Dukureh #GlobalMoms Click To Tweet


Moms +SocialGood 2015 afternoon session


0PS22 ChorusChildren's choir
0.11David Muir (ABC News), Professor Jeff Sachs (The Earth Institute) and Elizabeth Cousens (Ambassador)Global goals and initiatives to end extreme poverty
0.36Jessica Seinfield (Baby Buggy)Funneling used baby items to those in desperate need
0.53Anne Williams-Isom (HCZ), Ruhy Patel (Girl Up), Kate Gilmore (UNFPA) and Joy Marini (J&J)The importance of adolescents to our future
1:12Leith Greenslade (MDG Health Envoy)Mothers in public power
1:22Rick Parnell (UN Foundation)Introducing guests
1:24Penny Abeywardena (NYC commissioner for international affairs), Charles Radcliffe (U.N. Free and Equal Initiative) and Morra Aarons-Mele (We are women online).Digital activism and human rights
1:41Jerry O'Connell (Actor and Father)Interview with Jerry on fatherhood
1:58Chrysula Winegar (Global Moms Challenge), Rosie Pope (Rosie Pope Maternity & Baby) and Erika Nicole Kendall (Renowned Blogger)Parenting in the digital age
2:16Sarah Colamarino (J&J)Closing remarks & video

These are some quotes from the afternoon session to help spread the message and start conversations.

If you see something, don't just say something, do something! Jessica Seinfield #GlobalMoms Click To Tweet The game changer will be: Ensure every girl makes it through secondary education. Jeff Sachs #GlobalMoms Click To Tweet Only 14.37% of U.S. top positions occupied by moms - this needs to change.  Leith Greenslade #GlobalMoms Click To Tweet Adolescents are the tipping point generation - our future. Kate Gilmore #GlobalMoms Click To Tweet


I’ll leave you with what we saw in Baltimore this week when a single mother of six discovered her only son, 16 year old Michael, in a mask. He was going to join a group throwing rocks at police during a protest against the tragic death of Freddie Gray. She exploded in anger, beating him and chasing him from the protest. Why? Simply because she loved him. Since he was a baby she had done everything in her power to make sure he got the best start in life. She had without doubt looked after him, worked hard for him, saved for him, sacrificed for him, made him do his homework and his chores. She had taught him values and suddenly she found him risking his future at the protest. Is it any wonder she reacted in that way? Her outburst was one of anger and shock but make no mistake, it was rooted in her deep love for him. May she serve as an example to others of the difference a mother can make and does make to her child’s future.

Is he the perfect boy? No he’s not, but he’s mine.

Read and watch it here

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