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Elmo asks Surgeon General about vaccinations. 0

Elmo asks Surgeon General about vaccination

Elmo from Sesame Street has some concerns about vaccination which he talks over with US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy. Unfortunately there is a lot of mis-information regarding vaccinations on the internet and this is causing fear...

Lymphocyte B-cell 0

How do vaccines make us immune?

Having recently written about Edward Jenner and the first vaccine, it makes sense to ask the question, “How did the vaccine work?” Edward Jenner simply knew that giving someone the cowpox disease prevented an...

Child infected with smallpox which has now been eradicated by vaccinations 0

Vaccinations and the Past that we Forgot

Smallpox with a mortality rate of 20 – 30% is what the girl in the photograph above has. It’s a shocking image of a terrible disease that few now alive have ever seen in existence (I’d...